Family Research of the Kirchengemeinde Völkershausen, near Vacha
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                                     Known Immigrants to America

Heinrich   Teichmüller with                             born   April 20.1808           To N.A. in 1839
Wife Anna Barbara  Teichmüller
nee Schran     and their 3 Children                born  Sept.. 28. 1798
Anna Dorothea                                               born   January  19 1830
Catharine Elisabeth                                        born   June 4. 1835
Lorenz                                                              born   Jan  25. 1838

Conrad Viehmann                                         born  Jan.24.1825                     Immigrated to USA in 1825

Anna Barbara Sozsdorf                                 born    Jan 10.1870
Andreas Soszdorf                                          born    Apr.25.1849
Jacob    Soszdorf                                            born    Apr.19.1851

Johann Krug  and his sister                        born    Oct. 15. 1872   in Martinroda     To N.A. in 1872
Catharine Krug                                              born    July, 2. 1866     in Martinroda    To N.A. in 1872

Johannes Böhm                                             born  Dec. 24. 1868 in Völkershausen    immigrated 1883/85

Georg Ernst Gotthardt                                  born June 19.1850       in Martinroda

Anna Margarethe Stütz                   born 23.Februar 1867   in Wölferbütt

Immigrated to North America in 1845
Oetzel ,Mattheaus                                                              born  Aug.16.1781 in Voelkershausen
 his daughter  Elisabethe Lückert nee Oetzel               born April 10. 1808 in Voelkershausen
and her son  Gottfried  Lückert                                       born  Nov. 23. 1834 in Voelkershausen

Johannes Oetzel     ( Son of Mattheaus)                        born March 28. 1818 in Voelkershausen
and his wife Carharine Elisabethe nee Stuetz                born Sept 11. 1818 in Woelferbuett
and their children
Konrad                                                                                 born Dec. 25. 1841 in Voelkershausen
Johannes                                                                             born Nov. 30. 1842 in Voelkershausen

Some Descendants of the Oetzel Families are known to live in Prophetsdown, Illinois

 Immigrated to USA in 1851
Lückert, Gottfried                                                            born Jan.14.1833  in Völkershausen
  and his brother & sister ( They are Cousins of Gottfried Lückert born Nov.23.1834 )
Lückert, Christoph                                                          born  Sept.21. 1838 in Völkershausen
Lückert, Anna Catharine                                               born  Feb. 11. 1831 in Völkershausen

Most,Elisabeth Anna                                      born Feb.25.1905   Immigrated to North Amerika later than 1920

Mahret, Valentin                                               born    24. January 1869   in Völkershausen
Schuchartd   (Wife)
 Mahret, Eva Elisabeth   Sister of Valentin            born       12.June 1873      in Völkershausen
Pfaff, Valentin       Husband                                 born       24.June  1864     in Völkershausen   

Mahret, Andreas  Born ?  Arrived  with the Hungaria on 4. Nov. 1893   at the age of 17 years in Amerika