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Unsere Vorschläge für Tagesfahrten von Völkershausen !

Tagesfahrt nach der Wartburg in Eisenach 38 Km. 

    Die Wartburg English

Tagesfahrt nach der Wasserkuppe 40 Km


Glidermuseum           The WasserkuppeEnglish

Miniatur - Park - Ruhla   40 Km

Not far from Eisenach, the town of famous "Wartburg" castle and not far from the famous "Rennsteig" hiking path, in northwestern part of Thuringian Forest, lies the town Ruhla. First time Ruhla was mentioned in the year 1321. Today there live about 7600 peopleOn a scale of 1:25 the models of culture-historical buildings in Thuringia were created. In May of 1999 the "mini-a-thür" miniatures parkway was opend.

The miniture park in Ruhla

Erlebnisbergwerk Merkers  12 Km

(Zum Erlebnis Bergwerg German)  The salt mine Merkers

Point Alpha  16 Km

       Point Alpha English

Trusetal 38 Km

Trusetal     Trusetal-English


A trip to Fulda


Fulda       The Dom in FuldaPanorama 


Das Museums village in Tann


    And many more places to go to.